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Chris started life like most humans, covered in placenta and with minimal motor skills. After a few awkward years, Chris learned to use both hands and feet to eventually become a sought after groove-oriented drummer throughout the Boston music scene.

During the ‘90s Chris was 1/3rd of an original power trio that went by the name Amongus. Their music was an eclectic blend of influences ranging from Primus, King Crimson, and Stone Temple Pilots poured over a bed of Red Hot Chili Peppers. They enjoyed a wild run headlining major rock clubs from Boston to New York City and beyond.


Chris’s musical and personal journey continued as he performed with several bands throughout New England while juggling marriage and a family. Currently, Chris is enjoying providing the pulsating rhythms for a very popular cover band; The Boston Naturals


Chris is currently in pre-production with Jennifer Tefft and plan to record soon.

Other bands Chris often subs with;

Half A Mind
Brick Park
Hit Play
Sweep The Leg


Chris is also a full-time artist specializing in animation and motion graphics. He’s been the creative director for animated series on Cartoon Network as well as networks such as ABC and Comedy Central. His creativity has overlapped into the realm of online games for such names as Playdom, Disney Interactive, and Game Show Network.
The Animation world Chris has created can be seen here;

Chris spends a great deal of time recording and mixing in his home studio while collaborating with artists all over the world. His vast portfolio of music videos has captured the hearts of many followers across social media.


Chris enjoys playing instruments from various independent drum companies;
The London Drumstick Company, Bucks County Drums, Creative Percussion, Centent Cymbals USA, Love Custom Drums, Exeter Drum Works, Vigent Drums, TNR Products, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, and Upcycled Percussion to name a few.

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