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New Addition!

I'm so blessed to announce I'm expecting! Yes! A new baby to my family! Just when I thought I couldn't have any more, I find out another one is in the pipeline! It's truly a belated Xmas miracle!

Introducing to the world Mahoney’s Heart - 14x6 3/8” Hawaiian Koa stave snare with African wenge snare carrier staves for added articulation. Slingerland style hoops, classic tube lugs, INDe Drum Lab throw and butt, SABIAN phosphor bronze snare wires, Remo Ambassador heads, and discontinued Hendrix Drums yellow sleeved washers on all rods. Buttery warm with a quick decay, the wenge staves give this shell more of a crisp attack than most Koa shells.

This baby was hand made by friend and brilliant craftsman Jeff Beck of Exeter Drum Works. Check out his stunning work. I already play another of his stave snares as seen and heard here.

I have a lot of snares. Many of them are middle to high end from major manufacturers such as Ludwig, Sonor, Tama and Slingerland. But none of them bring me as much joy as Jeff's snare drums do. They simply look amazing and sound killer. Almost every gig I play there's always a drummer in the audience who approaches me after the show or during a break to not just talk about drums but more specifically what on Earth is producing that amazing snare sound. I love picking my Exeter Drum Works snare off of its stand and handing it to them to see their eyes widen and that 1000 yard stare only a drummer gets when discovering something magical in the form of a drum.

If you are looking for your next snare, and quite possibly your last snare, do yourself a favor and check out Exeter Drum Works.

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