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Miss Molly

I took a late '70s Ludwig Acrolite and stripped off the heads and all hardware. Chemical paint stripper was used to remove the factory gray paint along with plenty of sanding to get back down to the aluminum. The shell was taken to a professional auto body shop for priming and painting using a 1961 Chevy sea-foam green that was used on many cars and trucks of that era. I chose chrome tube lugs to replace the stock Ludwig lugs because I wanted this to look a little less "Luddy" and more like a custom one-off. Maple hoops were chosen to open the sound up a bit more since Acrolites tend to have a dryer sound in my opinion. The white marine pearl inlay was just an added detail I wanted to separate this from the norm a little bit more. The P86 throw-off is a personal favorite of mine because it's still a Ludwig part that uses existing holes and it not only looks vintage and cool, it performs well also. The batter head is a Remo Fiberskyn which I like for the warm sound they produce. I have to once again thank Andy Foote over at Drum Supply House for his help with the lugs and heads. Jody Lutz of Stellar Wood Drum Hoops for the maple hoops with inlay and the vintage claws. John Kaselis came through with matching the paint perfectly and giving the once bland shell a whole new life.

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